Heavy Duty Portable Air Operated Grease Kit - 180Kg

Model: DITI10250322

  • Ideal for transfer of grease in high volume and long distance
  • The most economical & complete combination for dispensing grease
  • Complete set of fluid transfer accessories gives the end user a trouble-free using experience
  • Standard model includes 50:1 pump, drum trolley, follower plate and drum cover, connection hose, ‘Z’ swivel and control gun
  • Pressure ratio of 50:1
  • Working pressure of 8700psi
This Package Includes: Quantity:
205 Litre Drum Trolley DITI1708002 1
50:1 High Volume Air Operated Grease Pump - 180Kg DITI17125060 1
4 Metre Grease Hose DITI1762213 1
Z Swivel 1/4" Male X 1/4" Female DITI1785702 1
Heavy Duty Grease Control Valve DITI18212050 1
Drum Cover H/D 600mm DITI19360002 1
Follower Plate H/D 180Kg DITI19458502 1
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