Grease accessories

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  • 240 Volt High Flow Gear Oil Pump

    Model: DITI17320140
  • Grease Follower Plates

    Model: DITI17090001
  • Grease Follower Plates H/D

    Model: DITI19441000
  • Grease Drum Covers

    Model: DITI1709000
  • Grease Drum Covers H/D

    Model: DITI19342000
  • Grease Hoses

    Model: DITI1762200
  • Heavy Duty Grease Control Valve

    Model: DITI18212050
  • Flexible Grease Hose With Coupler

    Model: DITI1785701H
  • Grease Injector Needle

    Model: DKCGA001
  • Grease Coupler Heavy Duty

    Model: DKCGA011
  • Connector Swivel 360 Degree

    Model: DKCGA012
  • Grease Coupler Terne

    Model: DKCGA013
  • 4 Jaw 90 Degree Coupler

    Model: DO88450
  • Grease Coupler Es15

    Model: DO88452
  • Grease Control Valve

    Model: DITI1785701
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