Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

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  • This versatile and useful kit can be used to pump a range of fluids including oils, coolants, ATF, waste oils, water and diesel. The kit is safe and easy to use and is simply run by compressed air. With a high output of up to 100 litres per minute this is one of the best value pump kits around.

  • • 90 litres per minute
    • 1" BSP inlet/outlet

  • • 45/60 litres per minute
    • ½"/¾" BSP inlet/outlet
    • ¼" air inlet

  • • Suitable for UREA/DEF (Urea 32), oil, coolants, ATF, waste oil, water and diesel

    • Up to 40 litres per minute

    • Transfer UREA/DEF from drums, tanks and other containers

  • • Air operated diaphram pump to transfer high volumes of fluids from drums or tanks
    • Suitable for oil, diesel, coolant, ATF, waste oil and water
    • Heavy duty construction with ground capability to eliminate static discharge 


    Available Models:

  • • Pumps a range of fluids including: AdBlue, oil, coolants, ATF, waste oil, water, and diesel
    • Pumps from drums, tanks and other containers
    • Standard seals Buna-N

    Available Models:

    • Air-operated double diaphragm pumps
    • Compression ratio: 1:1
    • Italian Made Premium Quality
    • Flow rate 90LPM with Self-Priming capabilities, Max Pressure: 116PSI with 1" Inlet/Outlets, an Air Inlet of 1/4" NPT, designed with the highest quality NBR Seals.
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