Fuel transfer accessories

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  • Fuel Bowl & Filter 1"BSP

    Model: DBNS10
  • Filter Element

    Model: DBNS20
  • Fuel Delivery Hoses

    Model: DITI19138400
  • Brass Barb Tail

    Model: DKSK9000
  • Spout Hook For High Flow Nozzle

    Model: DKSK9193
  • Straight Swivel - Aluminium

    Model: DMANS100
  • Straight Swivel - Brass

    Model: DKSK4100
  • Fuel Nozzle Covers to Suit High Flow Nozzle

    Model: DHU1000
  • Fuel Nozzle Covers to Suit Truck Stop Nozzle

    Model: DHU2000
  • Non Reconnectable Breakaway 3/4" X 3/4"

    Model: DHU2774
  • Reconnectable Breakaways

    Model: DHU3000
  • Multi Plane Swivels

    Model: DHU3300
  • Meter Elbow 3/4" To 3/4"

    Model: DKSK9190
  • Elbow - 3/4"M X 3/4"F

    Model: DBE2020MF
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