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  • • Extension funnel for waste oil extractor and drainer collection bowls
    • Funnel diameter 600mm
    • Makes it easier to position and capture fluid from engine crankcases, gearboxes, etc.

  • Drum Lid

    Model: DDH109

    • Drum pal – protective drum lid
    • Reusable drum lid, allows storage of drums outside and prevents damage caused by rust, dirt and moisture
    • Excellent resistance to most chemicals and acids

  • Vertical Drum Tongs

    Model: DJL4217
    • For lifting and handling 205 litre drums
    • Fits most metal 205 litre drums
    • Dual pivot mechanism
  • Vertical Drum Clamp

    Model: DJL4218
    • For lifting and handling 205 litre drums
    • Fits most metal 205 litre drums
    • Single pivot mechanism
  • Oil Drum Level Meter

    Model: DG116308

    • Suitable for 60 & 205 litre drums
    • Fits standard ¾" bung opening
    • Allows for simple stock-keeping

  • Oil filter drainer suitable for 205 litre drums.

  • Oil Collecting Bowl P/N 37

  • Service Column 3 Reel Gantry

    Model: DITI29992009
    • The gantry can hold up to 3 hose reels including the:
    (860 Series or 2950 Series)
    • The maximum number of drip trays that can be mounted on the gantry are 3
    pieces, which are optional
    • One oil pump can also be mounted to the gantry
    • Unit provides adequate space for oil drums under the hose reels
    • Eliminates the expense of installing piping systems
    • Size: 70”Wx”39”Dx93”L (1770x1000x2370mm)
  • Designed for the extraction of all types of engine transmission and lubricating oils from cars, motorcycles, marine engines and industrial machinery. Also suitable for low viscosity fluid such as water.

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