1:1 Air Operated Oil Pumps

  • Suitable for oil bars, 205 litre drums and bulk tanks
  • Air operated for integration into transfer system
  • Smart design with fewer parts for less pump wear offering long life
  • Differential air motor ensures smooth pumping
  • Typical fluids handled include motor oil, synthetic oil, hydraulic oil, ATF and coolant
  • Suitable for oil up to 120 SAE
  • Supplied with adjustable 2" bung adaptor
  • Not suitable for pumping distances of more than 6 metres when reasonable volume is required
  • Equipped with lubricator, which must be fitted, otherwise warranty will be void

Also available: 1:1 ratio air operated pump (long series) that dispenses at 32 LPM (DITI1701006)

Also Available:3:1 Air Operated Oil Pumps & 5:1 Air Operated Oil Pumps


Available Models:
DITI1701001 (NLA)





DITI1701004 DITI1701006

Drum application

205 Litre

Stub 205 litre drum

Pressure ratio


1:1 1:1

Working pressure

20 - 115psi

70 - 115psi 70 - 115psi

Air consumption

@115psi 3.6 CFM

@115psi 4.7 CFM @115psi 4.7 CFM

Max free flow rate

18 LPM

32 LPM 32 LPM

Suction tube diameter/ thread


42mm 42mm

Suction tube length


270mm 940mm

Air inlet connection

 ¼" BSP Female

1/4BSP Female 1/4" BSP Female

Oil outlet connection

½" BSP Male

3/4 BSP Male 3/4" BSP Male

Data Sheets

Data Sheets

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